Further to the Temporary Closure of the Museum

Once we had an insurance survey done from the water damage, some structural work needs to be done on the Museum.  As such we will remain closed until this work has been completed.  We hope that it will not take to long, but it does coincide with the roadworks that make access extremely difficult.

If you wish to contact us please contact us on: waiukumuseum@gmail.com.  We will aim to check this at least once a week.

Temporary Museum Closure

Now that we have recovered from our burst water pipe, and we have dried out, there are road works along King St in Waiuku.

These road works will make it very difficult to access the museum and since the pavement will also be reworked, the decision has been made to close the museum till the road works have been completed.

Once the road works are completed we will be open again.  Let’s hope for a quick completion.