Waiuku in Satire – Part 1


(Observer, Observer, Volume XV, Issue 834, 22 December 1894)

The satire that we will be showing you today has come from a publication The New Zealand Observer.
The New Zealand Observer was one of a number of illustrated weekly newspapers that were popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Like the other pictorial weeklies, the paper went into decline in the first half of the 20th century and stopped publishing in November 1954.

The comic shown here satirises Premier Seddon in 1894. The Evening Post reported the incident as follows:-
An incident illustrative of the Premier’s promptitude occurred at Waiuku this morning. During breakfast Mrs. Waterman, wife of the licensee of the hotel, trod on a match, the result being that her clothing instantly took fire. The lining of her dress being apparently very inflammable, the flame ran rapidly, and the Premier, instantly recognising the danger, sprang to the woman’s assistance before the others noticed the fire, and speedily extinguished the flames. Mr. Seddon’s hands were slightly scorched during the operation. His prompt action undoubtedly saved Mrs. Waterman from being severely injured.
  (Evening Post, Evening Post, Volume XLVIII, Issue 141, 13 December 1894)

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Newsletter – September 2019


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Photos to be Identified

Small Box 1 - Glass PlateRecently we have recently upload to archive.org (https://archive.org/details/waiuku_museum) some photos scanned from glass plate negatives that we have at the museum.  The people and places in these photos are not recorded anywhere.  This is one of the reasons we have uploaded them, so that if you recognise any people or places we would ask you kindly to let us know.  This will add to the information we have about Waiuku and its past residents.

Please take a look at the photos, you will need to scroll through them on the main screen.  Some of the photos have not scanned well, but hopefully we can still see the person or place.  The links to the photos are below:




A Brief History – S.T Rossiter Builder & Undertaker

In association with the Waiuku Business Association (WBA), Waiuku Museum is doing a series of brief histories about local businesses that were once in our community. The first was published in the Waiuku Wrap on the WBA website. Go and check it out and see what is happening in Waiuku.


So here is the brief history of the S.T Rossiter Builder & Undertaker.

Mr Samuel Thomas Rossiter set up business as a builder and undertaker in about 1890, in 1912 he advertised that he had over 20 years experience with building in Waiuku. He also made furniture and was an ironmonger.

The notable buildings that S.T Rossiter was involved with are Masonic building in Waiuku, where he was the designer and builder in 1900, the brick building in Queen Street owned by Mr Gribble, in 1917.

S.T Rossiter sold his building business to Messers Michie & Rowe in 1912. He retained his ironmongery and undertaking business.

In 1914, S.T Rossiter sold his ironmongers business to Mr. W.L Henton. After this S.T Rossiter moved to Mount Albert in Auckland.

Rossiter Builders & Undertakers - 1910



2020 Calendars – Further Reduced

Front Cover

With the year ticking over at its usual pace.  The need for a calendar is reduced.  So why not look at 2020 calendar, not as a calendar, but as a recipe book containing thirteen vintage recipes, that have been tested in a modern home kitchen, that just happens to have a calendar in it as well.  The recipe book (2020 calendar) is $5.

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