Waiuku in the News – Champion Lincoln Ram

Mr. J. R. McElwain’s Champion Lincoln Ram
Auckland Weekly News 18 November 1898
Auckland Libraries Heritage Collection AWNS-18981118-2-5

While sheep were not strong numerically as at last year’s show, there being but 115 entries, as against 161 in 1897, it was pleasing to note that the falling away in number was more than recompensed for in the quality all round; as fine and even a lot of sheep being penned as could well be seen in any part of the Colony. Commencing with Lincoln rams, under 18 months ……………. Another pen worthy of mention, though not among the prize-winners, is that shown by Mr. C. T. Barriball, the only failing being that they are slightly bad in tip.

In rams over 18 months, a strong class, Mr. J. R. McElwain claims first and champion, the animal, which was bred by Mr. C. T. Barriball, being good in frame and wool, the only thing to tell against him being the fact that he had been oiled, which is looked upon with considerable disfavour by the judges. ………………. In the pen of three ewes, suckling lambs, Mr. J. R. McElwain’s lot contains the first and champion ewe, bred by the exhibitor, a really fine sheep, …………… Great competition ensued in the class for pens of three ewes under 18 months, the rival exhibition being Mr. C. T. Barriball and Mr. Jas. Harris, …………… Mr. J. R. McElwain once more takes premier position in the pen of three ewe hoggets (shorn with lambs), both first and second prize-getters being strong in wool, a remark that may also be applied to this exhibi- tor’s pen of three ram hoggets, where, owing to lack of competition, only a second has been awarded. ……………


New Zealand Herald, Volume XXXV, Issue 10908, 12 November 1898, Page 6

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