Waiuku in the News – Kohekohe School Christmas Holidays

Ex Kohekohe school in 1946
Waiuku Museum Society Collection 

The Kohekohe School was closed for the Christmas holidays on the evening of the 22nd December, when, at the request of the teachers and a few friends, the children assembled in the school paddock, and had a very pleasant evening’s amusement. The sports consisted of running, jumping, skipping, etc., for prizes presented by Mr. Murray, Mrs. Muir, Miss Clarke, and Mr. Ferguson. Miss Clarke was very energetic in looking after the programme, and deserves the thanks of the Kohekohe children. After the good things were all disposed of, three hearty cheers were given for the teachers (Mr. Murray and Miss Clarke), when the children wended their way home well pleased with their entertainment. This is the first time anything of the sort has been given here.— A Correspondent.


New Zealand Herald, Volume XXIII, Issue 7833, 30 December 1886, Page 5

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