Santa’s Breakfast

It is the holiday season again, why not have some holiday humour.  This was pasted into a hand written recipe book from L.L. Scopes.  Part of the Waiuku Museum collection.

Santa’s Breakfast

Santa Claus’ dear old mother

           Last Christmas got a fright,

Santa went out in the evening

           And of course, stayed out all night!

She had his breakfast ready,

           But it very soon got cold.

Said she: “I wish dear Santa

           Would come in when he’s told.”

She had ham and eggs for breakfast

           And marmalade and toast;

And sixteen roasted apples

           (All the things he liked the most).

But just when day was breaking

           He hurried through the door;

You may guess that he was hungry,

           For he didn’t leave a core.

 Moral: –

So hang your stocking early,

           Don’t make poor Santa wait,

For when his breakfast is ready,

           You mustn’t keep him late.


New Zealand Herald, Volume LXVIII, Issue 21065, 26 December 1931, Page 6 (Supplement).

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