Historic Postcards – Part 4

These postcards have recently been donated to the museum.  They are part of a larger collection.  They date from the first two decades of the twentieth century.


Get Ready Week is here

From Civil Defence via Auckland City Council

Get Ready week

This year’s theme is Stay Safe, Stay Informed.  Get Ready week starts on Monday 9 October, the second week of the school holidays. During the week we’ll be promoting the different ways people can stay informed during an emergency, which radio stations to listen to, which websites and social media to follow, the importance of getting to know your neighbours and checking if you can receive Emergency Mobile Alerts.


Emergency Mobile Alerts will be a new way of receiving information about emergencies in your area.  If your life, health or property is in danger, Emergency Mobile Alerts can be sent to your mobile, without needing to sign up or download an app.  Emergency Mobile Alerts are expected to be available by the end of 2017.  Discover more by clicking this link: Emergency Mobile Alerts.

Museum Open Day – 18th December 2016


Waiuku Museum will have an open day on 18th December 2016 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

During the open day all the heritage buildings on Tamakae Reserve will be open, as well as the main museum.

The main museum houses a vast collection of local artifacts ranging from early settlement to a more modern Waiuku.

The heritage buildings are a dairy, Pollok cottage, Maioro school, Waiuku lock up, and the Anglican Vestry.

Of special interest is the Heritage Barn that houses examples of a one cow milking shed and a blacksmith shop.  These were built by local farmer Bruce Parry.  The barn also has an interesting displays of farm equipment and implments.

The intention is to have regular open days on the third Sunday of the month.  If there are any craft or small musical groups and would like to come along and be part of this new venture, you are most welcome.

If you have any queries or further information please contact the museum secretary Helen Reardon on 09 235 9986.